The Best Ways To Avoid Hair Loss When Brushing

There is a common myth that brushing your hair can lead to hair loss. This is not true – at least, it’s not true if you brush your hair properly. By ensuring you aren’t engaging in some of the bad habits many people fall into, brushing your hair can actually be healthy for your scalp and follicles. It can guarantee that your hair retains its hygiene and its shine. So what are some of the bad habits that you should be avoiding?

1.    Invest in professional hair brushes

The cheap plastic combs that you can pick up at very little cost can be causing significant damage to your hair. One of the main reasons why is because they create friction when they are brushed through the hair. By investing in a professional hair brush you can avoid this problem. It ensures the nutrients in your scalp are well distributed, doesn’t run against the natural grain in your hair and, all the while, keeps your hair looking beautiful.

2.    Take care of your hair brush

Hair brushes that are left by the sink or on a bedroom table will, like everything else, gather bacteria. They will pick up germs and dust, for example. Now imagine taking this unhygienic brush and rubbing it through your hair – it’s not exactly a pleasant thought. Every now and then, no more than once per week, you should run it under a lukewarm tap with a few drops of shampoo to avoid looking like a rangers dog back from a walk. This will ensure the brush is clean so as not to spread harmful particles around your scalp.

3.    Don’t brush wet hair

Hair is at its most fragile when it is wet. If the friction of a brush exaggerates this, it can cause the hair to weaken and break. It is recommended that people wait until their hair is partially dry before they begin to brush it. This is not only good for the health and strength of your hair; it also allows you to style your hair better as well. It is much easier to give it shape when hair is damp rather than soaking wet.

4.    Be aware of how many times you brush

It is tempting to want to brush your hair with every gust. However, those who brush their hair throughout the day might be at risk of suffering from hair loss. It causes too much physical stress on the hair fibre that ultimately contributes to the disintegration of the cuticle. Limit your hair brushing to a few times per day to make sure this does not occur.

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