• Professional Hair Brushes The Best Ways To Avoid Hair Loss When Brushing

    There is a common myth that brushing your hair can lead to hair loss. This is not true – at least, it’s not true if you brush your hair properly. By ensuring you aren’t engaging in some of the bad habits many people fall into, brushing your hair can actually be healthy for your scalp and follicles. It can guarantee that your hair retains its hygiene and its shine. So what are some of the bad habits that you should be avoiding?

    1.    Invest in professional hair brushes

    The cheap plastic combs that you can pick up at very little cost can be causing significant damage to your hair. One of the main reasons why is because they create friction when they are brushed through the hair. By investing in a professional hair brush you can avoid this problem. It ensures the nutrients in your scalp are well distributed, doesn’t run against the natural grain in your hair and, all the while, keeps your hair looking beautiful.

    2.    Take care of your hair brush

    Hair brushes that are left by the sink or on a bedroom table will, like everything else, gather bacteria. They will pick up germs and dust, for example. Now imagine taking this unhygienic brush and rubbing it through your hair – it’s not exactly a pleasant thought. Every now and then, no more than once per week, you should run it under a lukewarm tap with a few drops of shampoo. This will ensure the brush is clean so as not to spread harmful particles around your scalp.

    3.    Don’t brush wet hair

    Hair is at its most fragile when it is wet. If the friction of a brush exaggerates this, it can cause the hair to weaken and break. It is recommended that people wait until their hair is partially dry before they begin to brush it. This is not only good for the health and strength of your hair; it also allows you to style your hair better as well. It is much easier to give it shape when hair is damp rather than soaking wet.

    4.    Be aware of how many times you brush

    It is tempting to want to brush your hair with every gust. However, those who brush their hair throughout the day might be at risk of suffering from hair loss. It causes too much physical stress on the hair fibre that ultimately contributes to the disintegration of the cuticle. Limit your hair brushing to a few times per day to make sure this does not occur.

  • Business Stationary The 5 Stationary Supplies Every Entrepreneur Must Own

    Business doesn’t end once you have left the office when you are an entrepreneur. You never know when an important client might call, when an emergency might arise that needs dealing with, or when you might be called away on a trip. In any case, you will need to be constantly armed with an arsenal of stationary to ensure you can keep up with business outside of the office. Here are five of the most important things to carry on your person whenever you are:

    Business Cards

    Networking is a very important part of running any business, and you cannot know when the opportunity might arise. You could be sat next to a potential client on the train; they might be stood behind you in the queue for coffee. Many times have business owners been caught out in these situations because they don’t have a business card to offer. By not having them on you, you may just miss the chance to grow your business.


    Meetings, events, phone calls – plenty of things are always getting scheduled during the working day and they don’t wait for you to be back at your desk. Entrepreneurs should possess a diary or planner so that they can make a note of events they need to remember. It can also help you navigate clashes in your schedule so you are not arranging two activities at the same time. Planners don’t just come in large sizes; they come in small travel sized ones as well.


    Keeping all your notes organised when you are traveling to and from business meetings is considerably easier when you have folders in your possession. They are crucial to handling and managing your documents.

    Adhesive tape

    And speaking of important documents – you certainly don’t want to be caught out if you are carrying crucial pieces of paper that tear or rip when you are on the go. It can easily happen – even to the most careful entrepreneurs. However, keeping some adhesive tape in your bag or your vehicle can allow you to fix things in this scenario.

    Pens, and lots of them

    You can never have too many pens with you when you are an entrepreneur. It sounds like a moot point that every businessperson should be aware of, but almost everyone will remember a time when they have been caught off-guard without one nearby. Whether it is for writing down a phone number or taking some notes for a later date, business owners should always stay well stocked. Keep them in your bags, coats, even your car glove compartment – everywhere you might be when you need one.

  • Perfect Hair Combs The Secrets To Achieving Healthy Hair

    1.     Change your diet

    The food you eat will have a significant effect on the health of your hair. Hair is made from ferritin, which is a form of iron that derives from protein. This means that protein should be an important part of your diet. So, too, should iron itself. This will allow your hair to grow quick, thick and healthy. Foods that are high in protein are usually dairy products such as eggs, milk and cheese. Iron rich foods, meanwhile, include meats like beef and lamb.

    2.     Be careful how you brush or comb your hair

    At Duralon, we are experts in hair brushes and hair combs. We not only recognise great products but also understand how best to use them. When brushing your hair, there is a technique that avoids creating tension that could damage your hair. This is to start combing from the ends and work your way upward slowly and gently. Doing so ensures you do not suffer from any kind of hair loss.

    3.     The danger of washing your hair daily is just a myth

    Some people say that washing your hair every day leads to damage. It does not. In fact, washing your hair every day can actually be very healthy for you. It will get rid of sweat, for instance, which contains lactic acids that can cause hair loss. Your head may also pick up other things that decalcify the scalp or restrict the blood flow to hair follicles. A daily wash can remove them. Regularly washing your hair is particularly important if you apply gels, sprays or waxes. However, you should be careful of what products you use – too many chemicals on your scalp can be harmful over time.

    4.     Try to reduce your stress

    Persistent stress, including anxiety, can lead to several conditions that result in damaged hair. There is alopecia, for example, which is when large clumps of hair can fall out. There is also Trichotillomania, the habit of pulling on your hair when you are stressed. If you are concerned about the health of your hair it is, therefore, very important to relive stress. This can be through regular exercise, altering your sleeping pattern or making more time in your life for relaxation.

    5.     Get creative with hair products

    Shampoo and conditioner aren’t the only ways to keep your hair looking healthy. In fact, there are a variety of household items that can maintain the health of your hair. One of them is olive oil. While the idea of rubbing olive oil into your scalp may seem, well, a little gross many experts agree that it can heal, smooth and grow your hair. This is because olive oil is rich in the vitamins your hair needs: E and K. All you need to do is warm up two tablespoons of olive oil and massage it into your scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for at least 30 minutes. In time, your hair will look thicker and healthier than ever.

    The next time you need a hair brush remember duralon.co.uk have it all and can be found in your local corner shop, salons, retail stores also online.

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