Choosing The Right Brush For Perfect Thick Hair

Many of us will spare no cost when it comes to perfecting our hair. From curlers to straighteners, shampoos to conditioners; there are hundreds of products available that can help achieve the ideal look.

However, it is often the case that the most important product is the one we tend to forget about: the hair brush.

Most people will use whatever hair brush they have lying around. If it breaks, they will pick up a cheap one without putting much thought into their purchase. This could, in fact, be limiting your hair, or even putting it at risk of damage. You should instead be looking out for certain features in a hair brush to help achieve thickness and healthiness.


Size doesn’t always matter

Bigger does not always mean better, and that is very much the case when it comes to choosing the perfect hair brush. Large sized brushes cover a wider surface area which sometimes means that specific parts of your hair do not receive the attention they need. It is often much better to choose a small sized brush that allows you to treat each part of your hair individually. This not only alleviates the risk of knotting; it also adds more body to the roots of your hair.


But be careful of going too small

 The problem with some miniature combs is that they have dozens of pins compacted closely together. This means they will tightly grip your hair as you are applying it to your head. You are likely to pull out quite a lot of your hair as a result. Ideally, therefore, you should be looking for brushes that are small but have wide spacing. This makes them smoother on and safer for your hair, allowing it both to grow to its full thickness and to detangle unattractive knots.


Think about the material

 Metal is a great hair brush material for shorter hair. However, plastic might actually be a better solution for those with longer hair. Plastic has the stigma of being cheap but on the right brush they can actually be a lot better for your hair. Their flexibility allows them to bend through your hair, limiting the chances of catching and pulling. However, with both metal and plastic, you should be careful that the prongs aren’t too sharp. These are liable to cause significant pain for people with thick hair.

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