Keeping Your Curly Hair Healthy

Most women are unable to pull of curly hair. It can look unkempt or messy when it goes wrong. Done right, however, curly hair is the envy of women the world over.

It is one of the most admired and sought-after hairstyles on the planet. It has been popularised by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Selma Hayek and Sarah Jessica Parker.

There are a variety of problems that are common among people with curly hair: breakages are more likely, split ends can easily occur and the style can very easily be ruined by frizz. Therefore, women should be aware of how to tackle these problems if they have, or aspire to have, a head of gorgeous curly hair.

Breakages often occur to women with curly hair because they are using the wrong styles of hair combs or hair brushes. Breakages happen when hair follicles become brittle. Therefore, using cheap brushes and combs that are improperly constructed with sharp pegs will quickly facilitate this. You should invest in a good comb or brush that you can smoothly run through your hair without damaging the follicles.

Furthermore, hair follicles are improved by your diet. Women with curly hair are less likely to experience breakages if they eat a balanced diet that allows for nutrients that strengthen hair follicles. In particular, look for foods that contain biotin. These include things like salmon, almonds, avocados and eggs.

A healthy diet will also help to take care of split ends. The nutrients in foods such as eggs, salmon and avocados will make your hair sturdier. This, ultimately, is the key to avoiding split ends: keeping your curly hair strong. Anything that might be thinning it or weakening it should be avoided. For instance, an excessive use of curling irons will harm the strength of your hair, as will some shampoos and conditioners that contain voluminous chemicals.

As for frizzing, this is something that cannot be solved quite as easily. Although having the right style of hair comb, using organic shampoo products and maintaining a healthy diet are all important, there is not one ubiquitous answer to frizzing. This is something that affects many different women with curly hair in many different ways. It can be caused by everything from hair products to the weather. There are, however, a number of anti-frizz products that can be purchased over the counter. These can mitigate the problem.


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