Myths And Realities About Keeping Your Hair Healthy

There are a great many theories that people have about what keeps hair healthy and why. They range from the sensible, such as how often you brush your hair, to the ridiculous, like not washing your hair with shampoo at all.

Like many things related to health, a lot of these theories are merely myths. However, a few of them are actually surprisingly true.


You shouldn’t use shampoo on your hair whatsoever

False. Washing your hair is essential for removing the grime and bacteria that has collected there naturally throughout the day. Applying shampoo expunges these from your hair and allows it to return to a state of healthiness. Doing this every few days at most is healthy your hair and helps to distribute the natural oils in your scalp. It is true that you should be careful about what kind of shampoo you use though. Many brands use a lot of chemicals to help you achieve a shine that is ultimately artificial. These chemicals can cause long-term damage. Organic shampoos made with natural ingredients are preferable so check content.


Cutting your hair regularly keeps it healthy

True. Hair cuticles weaken and break when hair grows longer. By getting it cut regularly, you are removing damaged ends that may be making your hair unhealthy. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to book an appointment at the salon every fortnight. Most styles of hair should be cut every six to eight weeks. You may, however, be able to last a little longer if you keep your hair well moisturised and hydrated.


Your hair will get healthier the more you brush it

False. It not only a myth that constantly brushing your hair will make it more healthy; doing so could actually be having a reverse reaction and making your hair even less healthy. Brushing for an extended period of time causes friction between your hair brush and your hair. This can weaken your hair and eventually damage the cuticles. Brushing a few times per day is enough to remove tangles and distribute the oils around your scalp.


Colouring your hair is bad for it

False. And true. Bleaching your hair makes it thinner and thereby easier to break. However, adding colour has the opposite reaction: it makes it thicker and stronger. Depending on how you choose to colour your hair, this can be either good or bad for you.

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