How To Protect Your Hair Over The Summer

Summer is finally here. It is the time for swimming pools and sandy beaches; the time for basking in the warm sun with a great book. However, summer is not always kind to your hair. From discolouring to dried locks, there are a number of negative side effects that your hair can suffer from over the summer months. This does not mean you have to retreat indoors though; with a few simple tips you will be able to enjoy the summer holidays whilst ensuring you maintain a healthy head of hair. Here are three pieces advice that you should keep in mind:

Wearing a hat can protect your hair

We know wearing a hat is not ideal. During the summer months, you want to let your hair glisten in the sun. However, sunlight can actually cause quite a lot of damage to your hair if it is exposed for an elongated amount of time. UV light from the sun’s rays can degrade the fibres in your hair making it weaker and duller. Therefore, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, you should be protecting your hair from time to time.

Wash your hair before and after swimming

There are some nasty chemicals in swimming pools that can have some equally nasty effects on your hair. Indoor pools will be full of chlorine that can dry your hair out. Meanwhile, most outdoor pools receive their water from copper pipes, which can give your hair a green tint – not a look most people want to go for over the summer. Wash your hair and lather it with conditioner before you enter a swimming pool and once you get out. This locks in the moisture and repels chemicals guaranteeing your hair is fresh, healthy and, well, not green.

Brush your hair often to prevent damage
Heat will cause your scalp to dry out very quickly. Furthermore, it will cause most people to sweat, creating a lactic acid that minimises hair follicles. Neither of these things are avoidable, but you can prevent them from causing damage to your hair by making sure you pack a hair comb with you wherever you go. Brushing your hair helps to distribute the natural oils created by your scalp. This is able to counteract the damage that may be done by the heat from the sun.

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